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February 03 2017

Tips to help you whe

Tips to help you when you are behind on your bills | The Practical Saver

February 02 2017

Do you wish there wa

Do you wish there was a magical formula to wipe all your financial worries away? A way to save thousands of dollars without any effort? Or even mind-blowing money advice that you've never ever heard before? Here's what no one is telling you about these over-the-top promises...until now.

January 29 2017

Memorizing a speech

Memorizing a speech takes time, but if you use these trick and tips it doesn't need to take all that long.

January 28 2017

How to Wire Your Bra

How to Wire Your Brain for #Financial Freedom - Technological leaps in #neuroscience have enabled us to look at the thought patterns of #successful people and make some groundbreaking conclusions. Well, actually, John Assaraf did the research (you might recognize him from The Secret or by his New York Times #bestselling book Having it All). He will give you a sneak peek into his latest program in the upcoming #Masterclass: selfimprove.co/...

January 27 2017

You need to start sa

You need to start saving early!!

December 05 2016

Trigonometry Cheat S

Trigonometry Cheat Sheet

equation cheat sheet

equation cheat sheet

November 17 2016

Students get bored j

Students get bored just sitting at their desk doing math worksheets. Get your students up and moving in math. This math game is flexible as it allows you to choose the math problems. Your students will enjoy solving math problems with this math game!

November 15 2016

Adding & subtracting

Adding & subtracting decimals anchor chart

November 03 2016

Ciencias Sociales

Ciencias Sociales

October 05 2016

Grab these free frac

Grab these free fraction cards along with directions for several games!

September 25 2016

100 Life Hacks That

100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Text books. College

Text books. College

Life hack

Life hack

Life Hack || MY LIFE


More Life Hacks Here

More Life Hacks Here

September 02 2016

1000 Life Hacks For

1000 Life Hacks For me when the kids homework gets too hard for me to help them

August 27 2016

A good message for k

A good message for kids: "Do not save what is left after spending, but spend…

Wow, shocking.

Wow, shocking.

August 20 2016

How to Recharge Math

How to Recharge Mathematical Thinking
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